A label inspired
by the women who inspire you.

Surrounding ourselves with women who break barriers and push for progress has been ingrained in Maker’s Mark since day one, starting with our co-founder Margie Samuels. She not only designed the bottle but also built the whole brand from the ground up. For Women’s History Month, we’re building on her legacy – donating to Vital Voices in support of the impact women have all over the world. Join us in recognizing the women in your life with a free, personalized, limited-edition label.

Special occasion? There’s a label for that.

You can create a custom gift for anyone, for any reason, in just a few steps. Whether it’s an anniversary, a promotion
or just because, simply choose the event, personalize the label and provide a delivery address.

(Labels currently available for 750mL bottles only. Bottle must be purchased separately. Recipient must be 21+)

You can personalize areas of the label indicated in red.


We hear your efforts have been rewarded with a promotion. Congratulations! We can only imagine the amount of perseverance that went into your well-deserved recognition. We encourage you to kick back and celebrate the product of your hard work and dedication, with a glass of ours.
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